Wednesday, May 5, 2010

DNA Analytics with Tableau Software

Over the past weeks, I've been testing Tableau Software to see how this could contribute to our DNA Network Analysis services. I am impressed.

Just to give you an example. let me show you an example of how a large organization is using IBM Lotus Domino:

The map on the left upper side of the dashboard shows where this customer has office locations in the world. The right side shows how network bandwidth is being consumed in each region of the world (apac, emea, amec). The graph below shows session concurrency is each region.

When I click on an office (or select a number of offices on the map), the two charts automatically reflect the selection I made. Cool!

Thanks to Mike Dudding (IBM) who pointed me to this software. I will be posting more on this soon...

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  1. wonder how that would look in our environment!


I like interaction, thank you!

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