Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Recognize this?

Giraffes are wonderful animals. Take a look at this close-up that my wife shot, isn't it cute?

Now imagine we're (game-) driving that very same morning, just a couple of hours later. We spotted a hyena that was walking in the field at about 200 meters from us, carrying something big in his mouth. So I immediately drove up there to get a closer look:
We were shocked and amazed at the same time. It was carrying the decapitated head of a giraffe, wow! Here's another close-up:

Several days later, we had driven through some rough terrain and opened our fridge to get a nice cool beer. It appeared that a bottle of ketchup had exploded. I couldn't resist to add this picture, to make the giraffe story even more dramatic:
Please drop a message if you recognize any of this (I mean the story/experience, not the fridge)  ;-)


  1. tin of corned beef ? jar of mayonnaise ? can of castle beer ? some dead animal bits ?

  2. Hahahahaha, fantastic! I meant if you recognize something in the story, not the fridge. ROFL. (will rephrase the question a bit)

  3. Hi Wouter,

    sorry for not contacting you in Cape Town, hope you had a wonderful time here. To prevent ketchup from exploding just deepfreeze it. We did that by accident and nothing was damaged...

    Remembering the nice evening at Senyati and the beer at North Gate, we had some more troubles with the car...

  4. Hello Stefan! Great to see your response here!

  5. Haha, how funny! And what a wonderfull, but awfull sight of the giraffes head.

  6. I found this through google images and thought the exploded ketchup was animal remains! I'm very relieved now haha


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