Thursday, September 24, 2015

Startup Entrepreneur Branding Book in 30 Minutes

This is how much time it took me to consume this book by Michiel Maandag. 

How I got it? 

The author Michiel is an ex-colleague of mine and we met again after 16 (!) years. We agreed to trade his book against a cucumber from my glass-house. How Dutch & cool is that?

Why am I Excited about this Book?

I can think of three quick reasons:

  1. Because Michiel produces a Dutch and Direct View on Branding, in a ‘Jip and Janneke’ way (Dutch for an extreme simple method to digest serious topics) and I recognise every word he writes. And I did read all 150+ pages in less than 30 minutes. 
  2. I don’t particularly like Consultants (consider Brand Advisors one of them). Yet Michiel manages to produce a top quality book all by himself. With so much value that I dare to endorse his book to every start-up entrepreneur with serious plans.
  3. The book makes me think and glue certain aspects in my mind as an entrepreneur. It also inspires me to think further than my current horizon.

Ready to Read?

I can borrow it to you if you mail me, or go here to purchase:

Obviously I expect an equally good review on the cucumber I gave to Michiel ;-)

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