Friday, May 28, 2010

What's happened to Philips, and my LCD TV?

For years, my company has had Philips as a customer. So when I decided to buy a large 42" television, 27 months ago, I bought a 42" Philips LCD TV, model PFL7662D/12. Wonderful thing.

Philips migrated away to Microsoft, and so I lost them as my customer. Guess what happened to my TV this week: it still produces sound, but no picture. The screen turned black :(

A search on the web shows I am not the only one. From all over the world I found posts from people who had the exact same problem with Philips TV's. So it looks as if Philips didn't make just one mistake (migrating away from Domino), apparently they also have big problems with their flat panel displays...

Here's a link to professionals discussing the problem. (This link is in dutch unfortunately)

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