Monday, March 7, 2011

Fun with Festool

Enjoyed working on our kitchen during the last couple of weekends, for several reasons.
First of all it is quite a challenge to create something that looks as if it is part of the 'real' kitchen we bought several years ago. Secondly because I had to squeeze this into a non-kitchen-standard space of our 90+ year old apartment.

And I am really happy with the end result.
    This used to be the ugliest area with an old radiator, washing machine and garbage can. All three -including our Miele- are still there, but completely hidden underneath the cupboard.
      Because my wife was so happy with the fact that I was finally finishing our kitchen, she didn't mind me expanding my Festool collection with a new toy: Festool DTS 400 Q
        (more below ...)

        I am particularly proud of my garbage can. Using the material from the drawer of the desk I used to work at while employed at PDVSA 20(!) years ago, I was able to make an extremely elegant solution. The result is this garbage can that smoothly slides in and out its place underneath the cupboard.

        Some detail: panels for the door are made from MDF, so material cost was close to nothing. Using my router cms module I was able to create panels that are identical to the rest of my kitchen. The frame in this picture is 15mm. and the panel 12mm. Can't tell you how much fun it is to create all these parts with such precision that it feels your actually making Lego yourself ;-)
         Oh, and not to forget: the beautiful paint job was done by my wife. She too enjoys my Festool gear...

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        1. Wow, my friend! Can't tell my surprise when I found out that you are a Festool junkie as well. Impressive work there, I must say.

          Good on you.

          You must tell me more about your collection.


        I like interaction, thank you!

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