Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pros and Cons of the new T-Loc Systainer from Festool

While working on my new kitchen cupboard (see this post) I decided to buy a DTS 400 at my favorite store in The Hague: Van der Toorn en Stolp. This is when I learned that Festool had introduced a new T-Loc model for their systainers.

About the New Systainer:
The new model has a cool new feature that makes life a lot easier: systainers can now be stapled with just one convenient turn of the single green handle on the front of the systainer; the T-Loc.

What's not so cool is the fact that I own a big tower consisting of traditional boxes only. This new systainer is not 100% compatible with these traditional models. What it means is that you can only use the new model with your 'old' tower, when you place the new one all the way at the top. Not somewhere in the middle. For me this is a disadvantage, because I want my most frequently used tools on top.
What's the problem? The picture here shows my existing configuration, with my Protool Quadrive and Centrotec on top. The systainer of the Quadrive has a powerful feature that allows me to store many attributes in the lit of the systainer. Notice on the left how efficient it is that all bits can be accessed from the top of the systainer.
There is no way you can place the new systainer in the middle of your tower. It will connect from the bottom, but there's no way you can connect it to the one above. And unlike traditional systainers -that stand relatively stable even if you do not connect them with the handles, this new container does not offer that same level of stability. See below:

My opinion:
I understand why Festool came with this new innovative T-Loc Systainer, it's great and much more efficient than the traditional ones.

What I'm a bit disappointed about is the fact that these new systainers are not backwards compatible. I would have preferred to have my new DTS shipped with the old systainer. Why doesn't Festool offer this option?

Oh, and bytheway: my new DTS is fantastic!

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