Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Preparing for our Safari in Botswana

Busy entering waypoints into the Garmin GPS, here's where we're going: 
With a tented 4x4 that Bushlore is going to deliver to us in Kasane, we're going camping during our two week safari in and aroung the Okavango Delta. Hans (owner of Come Along Safaries) provided excellent help in organizing our trip, and was so kind to make the Garmin available to us.Without his help, I would never have been able to organize all this myself. If ever you have plans yourself go and use him, serious.

Here's some video (sorry for the google ad):

Will be posting more once we're back... (and we're back!)


  1. You are up for a ride, my friend. The Okawango delta is the sh...! Sitting with a good Whisky in the middle of the night listening to the hippo's running down their secret "roads" in the high grass in the water is a magical feeling. Just be careful when tracking the elephants. We saw a group of people doing that on the island in front of us and our guide said that this will go wrong. The guide for that group was obviously not a serious guide and led the people in to an ambush were the matriarch broke loose from the flock and went in behind the people that followed her and her family. She ran them down and we heard later in the camp that their was no casualties, but some people got seriously injured. Our guide told us that unfortunatly this is not unheard of.

    Also if you have a chance to go and see Victoria falls, do it. I've been their during the rainy season as well as during the droughts. It's massive and impressive. During the droughts we walked/jumped out to the middle of the falls and had a barbecue in the sunset looking down to the boiling inferno way back below us. Crazy experience.....

    You can also go on rafting there which i one of the wildest in the world. I was scared to death, but it was worth it.

    Also a short drive away from Kasane, I stayed a week on a small island in the Zambezi river on the Zambian side where a guy ran a backpacker camp. They picked me up in a car then we went by a dough-out canoe for an our to reach this small island. No modern facilities at all, just small huts, 1.5x2 meters spread out over the island. There was a small crocodile living there named Steve. His specialty was to crawl up during night and steal the shoes from people. Just a short while before I came there, he did his thing again. The only problem was that the owner of the shoes was still in them, passed out by unknown substances. He lost one toe. From the little hut I could see the hippos gasping like all those classical pictures and nature programs. This was probably the best week in my life to be frank. The only problem is that back then it was for invites only, but I don't know how it is today. If you like, I can try to find out if it's still there.

    Have a great trip, and if you want to see some pictures or get more crazy stories, let me know.

  2. Wow, thank you so much for your great input Jan! We will go to Vic falls as well, for two days.

    Trying my best to shut down the pc, coz we have to pack (plane leaves tomorrow morning at 10 and we wanna be on it ;-)

    Will most certainly catch up when we're back!


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