Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The IBM Brothers

Had an exceptional good Lotusphere 2012, my first one without a booth on the showcase. And because I was escorted by the IBM Brothers Mark Dudding and Michael Dudding, I ended up with more contacts than I've ever had in all my past years on the showcase. Thank you guys, had a great time and lots of free beers ;-)

On Wednesday 4.15pm I co-presented Mike's session on main stage, ID105 - Fortify Your IBM Lotus Notes Domino Infrastructure Against a Competitive Attack.pdf (Drop me a message if you could use some help in this area too).


  1. Great seeing you at LS12. We had a nice chat. Should do this more often.
    You look tiny in between the Buddings :-)

  2. Our minds are on the same level though :-)


I like interaction, thank you!

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