Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nothing but good news about Notes this week!

On Monday, I had an insurance expert from Crawford visiting my office to inspect some water damage. As soon as the man heard about our core business, he showed a big smile on his face and proudly showed me how at Crawford all their business is done in Lotus Notes & Domino.

Asking him what he thinks about the platform, Mr. Koiter replied: "by far the best application I've ever worked with, wouldn't want anything else". He explained how he and his co-workers were able to work together on cases, share knowledge and findings and even work on the exact same document at the same time. He then gave me the example of how at a previous employer, the materials of an insurance claim were scattered all over in files, folders and shares. Consequently, team members had great difficulties finding what the were looking for, the moment they need it.

Asking about the interface, he mentioned how Crawford has a team of Notes developers who build all applications in-house. Looking at the application he had open on his tablet pc, I indeed saw a great looking interface.

Despite analyzing so many customer environments, I don't get to talk to real end users that often unfortunately. So thank you end user CN=David Koiter/O=Crawford, for sharing your experience with me.


  1. Sounds like the first end-user stories we heard in the early 90's. Nothing changed ever since.

  2. Wish we could here more stories like this.


I like interaction, thank you!

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