Friday, November 14, 2014

HealthCare OpenData shows cost of pregnancy at men aged 76 are the highest in the Dutch city of Lelystad

A Dutch organisation by the name Vektis recently published an open-data file showing the costs that healthcare insurers have paid in 2012. With this data set, Vektis aims to help stake holders gain a better understanding with the ultimate goal to improve quality and cost of #healthcare.

Dutch RTL Nieuws analysed the raw data and published several articles about this (link, in dutch) and aired it on their prime time TV news last night.

So did I, but from a different angle:

Vektis raw data reveals 56 men, aged 76, within the dutch city of Lelystad who expensed 2,002.29 euro for cost of maternity and obstetric healthcare. Can we conclude that 76 year old men in Lelystad expense an average of 35,76 euro for pregnancy?

I don’t think so.

The raw data of Vektis contains 40 records where male people have submitted expense reports for maternity and obstetric care, totalling 20,627 euro.

The data does not show how many expense reports were filed, nor by how many people. Therefore we have to be very very careful to draw conclusions.

How accurate is the Vektis data?

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