Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Meta-data Analysis at


The goal is to understand how much time it typically takes for Research papers to get reviewed and accepted by

The reason for this assessment is to provide clarity around discussions of a specific research paper that was reviewed and accepted in a single day. Some scientists think it is impossible to Peer-Review research within a single day. Other scientists claim the paper went thru -the much quicker- Rapid Review procedure, as outlined on the journal's web site. 

To assess commonality in the review and acceptance process at, the author collected and analysed meta-data for all 1,595 publications since 01-Jan-2015. Earlier this week, the author shared the initial findings of this assessment in a Twitter post. 

This six-page document aims to make these findings reproducible and verifiable by offering step by step instructions.

Summary of Findings

  • Of the 17 types of articles published since 2015, three types occur most frequently: Rapid Communication (385), Research (312) and Surveillance (193).
  • The average number of days between Acceptance and Reception of Research type articles is 172 (2019) and 97 (2020). 
  • In line with the Editorial Policy for Authors, the category 'Rapid Communication' publications appear to be reviewed and accepted more quickly (18 days average) than type 'Research' and 'Surveillance.'
  • Except for this one Research article (on 22-jan-2020), no other article has ever been reviewed and accepted within a single day since 2015.

Picture that places the discussed Research Paper into context

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About the Author

Wouter Aukema has over 30 years of experience in processing data and analysing behaviour of organisations and systems for governments and corporations world-wide and develops analysis solutions for Fortune 100 companies. His publication at Defcon (20 years ago) caused headlines world wide. Wouter sees data and patterns where others don’t.

Download the Report

A PDF version of the report -with step by step instructions- can be downloaded here.